MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0.22 is available to download now!

8.0.22 brings a lot of exciting new features and improvements like all our quarterly updates to 8.0

IPv6 is now supported between all cluster nodes types. It works in dual stack environments and IPv6-only environments. You can always upgrade NDB online without service interruption. Online migrations from IPv4 into IPv6 installations is also supported allowing network infrastructure changes.

With native encrypted backup 8.0.22 adds protection against unauthorized access to data in backup files. NDB’s online consistent and parallel backup is extended with support for AES-256-CBC encryption with user supplied passwords of up to 256 bytes.

Significant performance gains can be expected in 8.0.22 when creating, updating or deleting rows containing BLOBs. 8.0.22’s write batching of BLOBs reduces the number of network round trips between the NDB API client or MySQL Server and cluster by up to 10x. NDB’s asynchronous geo-replication benefits as well and BLOB batching reduces replication lag times.

To support environments with dynamic runtime DNS mappings such as Kubernetes a new feature allows unresolved hosts in the cluster set-up. This allows running NDB cluster before DNS resolution of all nodes and pods is available. As a positive side effect caching of already resolved host names was improved and should lead to faster management node starts.

Thank you to our customers and community for using MySQL NDB Cluster, and the valuable discussions and feedback helping us to continuously improve the product.

And as always, this release uses MySQL Server with the same version number.